The small paragraph, which few people read, at the top of page 3 in a British tabloid newspaper. This page traditionally contains a full page picture of a topless model, who may be completely nude, though not showing her genitals, only tits and arses are allowed.

The paragraph is purportedly a quote from the model pictured, in which she gives her views on all manner of current subjects, such as how to solve the Israel/Palestine conflict, or the credit crunch.
Bob: "Dave, have you read this page 3 text? Nikkala from Braintree says there should be a two-state solution to solve the Palestinian crisis, and that there should be government action to bring down the interbank lending rate to ease the credit crunch."

Dave: "You expect me to believe an Essex bird who flashes her tits for a living said that? Bollocks!"
by Lee 74 October 28, 2008