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Usually a Theatre kid who always tries to fit in by hanging out with the crowd.
Pachrick is so lit!
by Pachrick roy May 20, 2018
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Someone who tries to fit in and always has a goal in mind, does whatever he can to reach his dream of being someone successful. They also try to be the one who everybody likes even if he doesn't like them, and he is always so kind and always removes himself from the equation to help others in the best way possible. Pachrick may seem like a nice, caring guy but deep down he feels alone like a puzzle piece that fell off the table and is lost forever.
Pachrick: "hey, do you need help?"
Jan: "sure! Thank you so much!"
Pachrick: 😁
Pachrick's real feelings: 😢💔😞😔🙁🔫
by Pachrick roy June 10, 2018
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