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A combination of the word for massive ownage, "pwn," and the food made by pizza hut, the "p'zone." It's pronounced as if it's spelled pizowned. It basically means that you got brutally owned because you ate massive amounts of food. Getting p'zwnd can be the result of eating contests or friend's dares. People who are p'zwnd frequently exclaim things like, "I think I'm going to die." Being p'zwnd is sometimes accompanied by groans of intense pain or writhing on the floor in misery. In one way or another, a person who is p'zwnd will need to seek a bathroom for complete recovery.
Joe was utterly p'zwnd after eating a massive one pound burger, a jumbo order of fries, and a gigantic milkshake.

Joe completely desecrated the men's room after getting totally p'zwnd at Fudds.
by Andres Silvestre May 28, 2008
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