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An even shorter version of p legee/pretty legit
That vid of the kitty is p la g bruh

Beer always makes my girlfriend's boobs p la g

Keep it p la g
by le_chacal March 11, 2011
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Both a noun and a verb. Someone who takes little boys from behind or the act of attacking someone.
Watch out for the Plag!

You just got plagged.
by GoddessDivine March 30, 2015
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a plag is someone who eats glue, often mistaken for a clagbut a plag does not eat clag, instead they eat pva glue or Bostik Glue Sticks
that plag over there just stuck his tongue to his lip
by ALPHABET May 26, 2005
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pretty lame and gross stuff.
These movies are "plags" ...don't you think?
by Minimax March 23, 2005
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Acronym for "pervy little Asian guy." Short, bookish wannabe-ballers of Asian descent, often working in tech industry. Excessive hair product. Propensity for anime avatars, upskirting the hired help at car shows, downloading porn at work, posing for pics with dancers at strip clubs that are subsequently posted on their MySpace profile. Consider themselves really cutting-edge for violating workplace sexual harassment policies. Generally get away with it, as they're short, Asian, and thus considered completely non-threatening.
Ugh, Winston gives me the creeps with all those smutty cartoons he sends to the company listserve. Only a PLAG like him could do that stuff and have it passed off as harmless.
by Cassandra79 November 09, 2007
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The level or grade of fashion/style referring to a person's clothing and/or accessories.

If their outfit looks good, their PLAG would be high; if their outfit looks bad or lacks something, their PLAG would be low.
Damn, your PLAG is FINE today. (used if someone's outfit is damn fine/perfect/right on)
Oh god, that is SUCH a PLAG faux-pas. (used if there is a mishmesh of patterns/styles/fabrics)
She only wishes her PLAG was as fabulous as mine. (used if you are criticizing or jealous of someone else's outfit)
Where the hell did he get that PLAG? K-Mart? (used if someone's outfit looks like shit)
Mmm, Mmm. Dang Baby, your PLAG is dead sexy. (used when you want to tell someone they are beddable in their outfit)
by AntVerCreations October 21, 2008
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An abbreviated name for a plastic bag (such as the ones handed out at supermarkets)
"Hey dude, did you hear that we're gonna have to pay for plags?!"
by harritparrot November 14, 2009
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