p check; To remind someone to recognize their privilege when you catch them making insensitive comments
I p checked that white boy and he shut up real quick
by Turdinthewind March 14, 2020
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The act of two or more males, belonging to any given sexual orientation and united under the addictive tendencies of E-cigarette use, inquiring as to the remaining level of vape juice currently present within the other party's pod (aka "P").
Male Friend 1: "What's up bro, mandatory P check"

Male Friend 2: *presents a pod with minimal vape juice remaining*
Male Friend 1: "Woah bro, it's already gone? We got those yesterday"

Male Friend 2: "Yeah bro, I've been K'n Ps"
by DanBlizarianButtJuul January 30, 2022
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Typing the letter 'P' in someone's browser's address bar and exposing all their pornography habits
Alejandro: Ey bro lemme give u a P check
Khawaja: nah bruh I'm clean just cleared my history
by Adly The First January 13, 2022
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