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A manipulative asshole who will never find true happiness because the tumblr, skinny ass, weed addicted, big titted, dick suckers he so desperately wants dont exist and if they did they would never go for him because girls want a guy who doesnt make them feel completely worthless, fat, ugly, stupid and so gut wrenchingly lonely that they have no reason but to settle for his belittling ways and suffer in silence as their soul slowly whittles away to dust he would use in his next role-up. No, they want a caring, generous man who will great them with the respect and love they deserve. This is far from an owen macdougal. STAY AWAY.
That guys an absolute asshole to her, he must be owen macdougal. Only he can throw away his only chance of happiness over her minuscule imperfections.
by hattinlyf July 29, 2014
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