- noun
1. Fetish involving the simulated laying of an egg or eggs by a female human. Variants include the eggs being of disproportionate size to the girl laying, the eggs being festively painted, or the laying female being dressed like a cute little cuddly animal (See Furry). You know, if you're into that.

- noun
2. The fear of scrambled eggs.
"My mom made bacon and eggs this morning for breakfast, but I have ovaphilia, so I sat down to eat, looked at the plate, and was overcome with unbearable terror; the only thing that calmed me was my love of ovaphilia -- I turned around quickly to look at the computer screen displaying my weirdo fetish porn and saw Joey Lauren Adams poppin' a squat wearing only furry orange cat ears, plooping out a shiny Faberge egg and all was right with the world."
by EggLover4Life November 24, 2007
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