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Child, usually of the husband, conceived with woman other than his wife. If wife has a child during the marriage which was conceived with a man not her husband the law presumes the child to be the child of her husband. This terminology is common in central Texas, and probably other regions. "Inside children" would be biological children of the marriage. If it was proved in court that a child born to wife during the marriage was not that of her husband, it would be an 'outside child.' In most states there is bad news for relatives of an intestate decendent as his illegitimate children get a piece of the pie assuming they are identified. These remarks do not address statutes of limitations in terms of establishment of paternity.
In probate court, the widow says to the judge, "Your honor, that child should not inherit anything from my intestate deceased husband because he was an outside child."
by RRTX May 21, 2013
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