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A person who live outside of a city's interstate/freeway outerbelt and prefers to drive to conveniences and necessities versus walk, bike, bus, rideshare or utilize other means of alternative transportation.

It's a stage of life when a person becomes numb to the world and just wants to go home, change a diaper, mow the lawn, wave to the next door neighbor they've never met and are must hit a corporate national chain restaurant drive-thru on the drive back to Pleasantville.

Outerbelters are easy to spot with this simple test:
Put a white box in front of a mirror and they will immediately recognize the dramatic difference between them...they're very creative. If you're still not sure, set a cookie cutter (no baking required) against the same mirror and they can tell you how it also looks exactly the same while eating your wife's box.
Outerbelter: " I can't stand these stop lights and why are are so many people on the sidewalk and where's the Wal-Mart?"
The rest of us: "Tighten your belt"
by Live Downtown June 07, 2018
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