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When a question cannot be answered by conventional logic, one can refer to the oracle book. You do this by posing the question to a book of your choice, flipping to a random page and reading the first sentence that catches your eye. The oracle's answers may be difficult to interpret at first, but they will come to make sense as more time is allowed to pass. The oracle book is never wrong.
Genny: What are panda noises and how do they sound like?
Allie: I can't answer that logically, let's consult the oracle book.
(DAVINCI CODE: Chapter 67)
Teabing's manservant Remy, on orders from his master was doing an impressive job maneuvering the vehicle across the moonlit fields behind Chateau Villette.
*Three Hours of Deliberation*
Allie: So we're in agreement? Sounds like a box of rainbows.
by OperationsIvy March 02, 2010
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