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The commander of the deep space exploratory ship the Axalon, this Maximal took the name of his childhood hero in hopes it would make him helluva tough. It kinda did...but being a gorilla worked better. He fought man times with the beastial t-rex megatron, and it sorta resembled a scene from the remake of king kong. He went of into space and was blown up by jamming himself into a toaster like object based on the moon and created by the alien race 'The Vok' that was casting a death beam onto earth in order to explodify the energon deposits placed there by said beasties. He came back because if he didnt the series wouldn't have gone anywhere and he was granted a hoverboard. A monkey with a hoverboard, how quaint. Anyway, he clashed again with megatron and his beasties, going through a decepticon agent, his ship, and the axalon in order to preserve peace. Finally, Megatron found Optimus Prime sitting on his pimp throne in a volcano and blew his head to itty bitty pieces. This didn't stop Primal; he acted brashly just like Mr. T and took Prime's spark into his body, and he began to mutate as if he were Mr. T and he ate his greens and drank his milk every day. This made him Optimal Optimus, and he was truly helluva tough. He was a monkeytankplanebot, and acted like Prime for an episode. Ultimately, he starred in a spin off of beast wars called beast machines and halfway through the show the rating went into the toiled and mainframe made him perform some brokebackesqueness with megatron, falling into the heart of cybertron while emracing his foe, claiming that he wished he knew a way to quit him. They both died...I think.
Well, that's just Prime! -catchphrase of Optimus Primal

Transform and roll out! -while possed by Prime
by zeromus prime February 05, 2007
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