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A game that is played with two people, where you both start facing each other and make a fist, then proceed to raise the fist up and drop in on an open palm 3 times in a row. Then each person shapeshifts their hand into one of three possible choices. A pair of scissors, A rock, Or a piece of paper. The game is derived from the fact that Oprah Winfrey is a shapeshifter and the game requires you to change the shape of your hands.

Every game of Oprah Hands is a best two out of three round.
The person that wins the first throw gets "first ups" which is obivously an advantage.
Oprah Hands is a game of wit, speed, intelligence, analytical skill, merit, strength and cunning. Only those who are willing to take the burden that accompanies Oprah Hands should play.

Also see oprah
"Hey man wanna play a quick game of Oprah Hands to pass the time?"
by Thisnamebetternotbetaken August 14, 2006
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