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The first album by Daniel Dumile under the alias MF Doom. Established the now favored elements of Doom's rap such as chorus-less continual flow rapping and numerous samples from the cartoon adaptation of the comic The Fantastic Four.

MF Doom is arguably the best rapper in the game right now and this album is what put him on the map. Though widely regarded as still being second to his collaboration with Madlib (Madvillain - Madvillainy), it's still one of the best underground rap albums to date.
Daniel Dumile went underground for five years, recovering from his wounds and swearing revenge against the industry that so badly deformed him. Soon he emerged no longer a mere mortal, but MF Doom, a rap god. HE then proceeded to spread his propaganda of Operation Doomsday to gain support for his campaign of world domination.
by jeustain January 09, 2006
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