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Open buffet Islam Is a new unofficial form of islam practised by some modern Muslims in which they choose what they like from Islam and leave what they don't like.
Open buffet Muslims tend to live an open and free life away from the normal Islamic restrictions, they do however choose to live by these teachings in Ramadan, and abandon them right after the month is over.

They do this due to their love of life combined with their Islamic nurturing and need for spirituality,but when confronted they would claim that islam is the one true perfect religion and they chose it as a guide for their lives, failing to ever live by its teachings cause they are, well they are humans who love to live.
-What do you mean Sally is fasting today? She was drinking with us last week
* Yeh she's like a part of those open buffet Islam people don't be surprised
by lebphoenix June 27, 2015
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