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(Verb)- When someone takes their palm and
slaps someone else on the side or the back
of that person's head. The action can be made
easily by swinging your arm, striking the back
of that fool's head; sometimes you can snap
your wrist in mid-swing to get a better sting
on that idiot's dome. Best applied to dumb-asses
and fucknuts who just WON'T learn.

Also, it was a song at one time in the 70s.
It didn't take long for my friend to get
pissed off enough to go "oops upside ya head"
on his homie for turning his whip
into a hooptie... especially when it was
so paid-for.

Any mom will go oops-upside-their-kid's-head
for bad report cards.
by CDSmith1967 April 10, 2006
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