(1) Uzi submachinegun(s)
(2) Two Philly Blunts rolled together
(1) '...Wit dem glocks and dem oo-ops
Me and my fools shoot, wutchu tryin do that
I suggest you do not...'

Prodigy of Mobb Deep on "Dead Bodies"
(Alchemist's 1st Infantry 2004)

(2)'...Roll them 2 phillies together in Da Bridge we call them oowops..'

Nas on "One Love" (Illmatic 1994)
by Sandman83 January 31, 2008
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The cool thing that lambo doors do when they close.
"Candy paint with the white on top, lambo doors with the oo-op drop"
by PagnumLordd March 1, 2018
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