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is a person who live playing online games like tibia, ragnarok, runescape or habbo. they are playing all day long, in the weekend. the online gamer dont have real friends, their only friends are onlines. they have online love, and they never meet their real love. they are the "daddys" in their online games but in the real life they are the biggest loosers in the world. they only think about their game and are boring people who only talk about those games.
sometimes they dont know, but their lovers are the same gender.
normal person: hey loser whats your problem?
online loser: if you play runescape i will kill you with my mage level 689 with one hit.
normal person: but in the real life i would make you scream with one hit.

normal loser: hey do you wanna go out in the saturday night?
online loser: no, i would play tibia with my online girlfriend
by slowowow April 23, 2006
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