1)from the name itself one shoot kill.a well trained sniper,sf pinoy player.
2)well popular in soldier front in sg areas
3)One of the philippine dreamteam.has a good reflexes on snipers and have recoil handling.

4)one of the bset pinoy sniper ever.

5)has no life
pinoy1 : omg its oneshootkill!!!~!1!
pinoy2 : hai noob pinoy1
pinoy1 : onoe 1v1 oneshootkill nab
pinoy2 : nvm hes a fucking kid with no life playig like 24-7!!!!
oneshootkill : 24-7 is the secret to be goood in playing any online game l0l0olo.
oneshootkill pwnt pinoy 2 30-0
oneshootkill:omg you 1337 fucking random pinoy noob. ggnore suck cunt.mofo
by lolatrandomname January 07, 2009
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comes from the word itself.oneshootkill , meaning with only one shoot youll be dead "kill"
a elite sniper user.

oneshootkill .
a)is one of the philippine dream team
b)is one of the famous player in soldierfront/special force. always seen trolling in sg/msia areas
c)has a sense of humor and a good clan leader of 1HiT clan.
d)shares and teach his tactics well.
e)is well trained and disiplined.
f)is one of the best sniper on special force philippine.
pinoy1:haai noobs.who wants 1vs1?pro only please
pinoy2:lol, oneshootkill is in the lobby.haw bout 1v1 him .lol
pinoy1:naaah hes nooob lol
oneshootkill: 1vs1 please?
pinoy1:ok mee!ima pwn u
after the game

pinoy1:omg gg
oneshootkill: lol gg 30-0 !! "haha youve been pwnt n00b!l0l"
by lolatrandomname January 08, 2009
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