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(n.) 1. One whose awesomeness vastly exceeds the standard level of awesomeness for one of his stature.

2. One who is so well loved by his peers and acquaintances that he can barely leave his residence without being savagely attacked by crazed fans who simply want a piece of his action.

3. The prime Dragon Slayor and Del Tosszor.

4. Fuck Magnet.
1. If it weren't for One Mistertuttle, this place sure would suck lank.

2. OMG B3CKY G0T 4 10CK 0F 0N3 M1573R7U77135 H41R OMG 1 W4N7 70 70UCH H1M 50 53XY L1K3!!!!!1

3. One Mistertuttle schlayed the dragon, that wyrm bitch got del tosszed.

4. Wow, look at that Fuck Magnet.
by one mistertuttle July 02, 2003
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