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A park located between 256th & 257th street on 81st ave in Floral Park, Queens. notorious for its skater/biker crowd and insane drinking/smoking habits. The kids who chill there are very close and if you fuck with one of them you fuck with all of them.

Stay there after dark (after 9PM) and be prepared to get a summons from some awesome NYC cops. Grind a bench...get a summons. The NYPD are all over this park for the many illegal activities that go on here, but the kids don't care, they chill there anyway. 172crew. The originals.

Trails. Soccerfields. 249. Union & Hillside.

If you chill there you love it. You love everyone who chills there even though theres an endless amount of drama.
If you chill there you're proud for some reason, you can't help it. As much as you'd like to be like whatever its just a park, you know its not.

Its a way of life. It's a family. Where else would you chill everyday? Mandees? Maybe.

"where you at?"
"one seventy two."
by stanchi October 25, 2006
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