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The second most horrible viral video, following one guy one screwdriver. It involves a (so far) anonymous man, who squats down over a jar, sliding it up into his ass, and squeezes it with his anus, causing it to shatter in his rectum. Rather than screaming in pain and calling 911, he just grunts, then begins to pick the shards out by hand as a sizable pool of surprisingly thick blood forms beneath him.. A mass of scar tissue suggests that this was intentional, and he "performs" on a regular basis.
Hey man, check this out. Have you seen "one man one cup" before?
by Professor the third March 14, 2010
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The most horrible viral video. Video depicts a man sitting on a pickle jar until the jar fits securely in his anus, then it breaks and he begins to bleed profusely
Dude I just saw one man one cup and i'm bout to puke!
by briguy0389 May 03, 2009
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