someone who likes someone and never lets them breath
"that girl is on my team like the lakers,let me breath!"
by Juliet December 7, 2003
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This is basically a new definition of the words "My Team". Its a saying you use when you come across a fit person whether it being just a glance on the street or you know the person, but you call that 'fit person' your team. On the other hand, if you see a person that is soooo NOT your team..such as an ugly person.. then you say "Your team" implying that person is on for example your friends team. Can work with women also.

The Rules state that the first person to call that person 'their team' rightly owns that person on their team for that game of "my team"
*Sees fit girl* "Whoaaah My Team!"
*Sees ugly and fat girl* "Defo your team mate"
by Hayley and Jemma May 31, 2008
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Said by gay people in hopes that someone (usually unattractive or unpleasant) is not gay, to avoid bringing down the general reputation of gay men/ lesbians. Can also be "my team" to a non-queer audience, or "our team" to a queer audience.

The reverse works too "I hope she's on our team- Jodi's so hot."
"I *hope* he's not on my team, even though he keeps referring to his 'partner'. Joe is SO obnoxious."
by Valgirl July 15, 2009
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This phrase is used by guys to pick out attractive girls. If a guy says to you "You're on my team" it means he finds you physically attractive. A variation of this would be "She's on YOUR team" which means that a guy finds you so unattractive he puts you on his friends team.
Guy to girl: You're on my team!!
Girl: *punches his lights out*
by SpoonBalancer September 18, 2007
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when walking down the street with a friend, and you see someone who is particularly interesting (hot, ugly, enormous, weird),
you shout out either "MY TEAM!" or "YOUR TEAM" before the other person has the chance. (if you have a good sense of humor, you normally shout out "MY TEAM" when you see someone out of the ordinary)
(man with purple pants, bright red shit, 12 piercings on his face alone, and blue hair walks by and you see is time to play MY TEAM YOUR TEAM)
"damnnit, you beat me"
by Yourllneverknow January 31, 2008
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