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Started out as a Unreal Tournament player,
he was horrible at that and moved on the Counter Strike : Source
On his carreer of gaming he played, Counter Strike Source,CZ,and 1.6. He was HORRIBLE at all 3 and then he went to play Battle field 2..Day later he was banned for being so horrible and moved on to Unreal Tournament 2004 ...He once got 5 kills in 20minutes and quit that game as well.then he realized he was bad at FPS all around.
So he moved to World of Warcraft..Where he is known as the
"Aggro" master AKA Horrible PC GAME PLAYER
"You play like that guy omreg"

"hey man stop aggroing like omreg"

"quit fps you suck like omreg"

"so michael when you coming out of the closet" - omreg
by Guillermo Sanchez April 27, 2006
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