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In a scene from The Simpsons, Rainier Wolfcastle tries to shield himself from a giant wave of acid by using protective goggles and fails. His exclamation, "My eyes...the goggles do nothing!" has become part of internet humor. Can be used as an expression after viewing something unpleasant, however, it's almost always "The goggles... they do nothing!"

In World of Warcraft there are a few versions of Goggles that can be worn, and thus the expression "The goggles... they do nothing!" can be common.

"Omgoggles" is an expression steming from "omg" and the foresaid expression.

"Omgoggles!! I just saw a rogue with Thunderfury!"

1) You missed our wedding!
2) I'm sorry, my guild needed me to heal.
1) Omgoggles, I'm going to kill your guild.
by 5ummerbreeze August 30, 2006
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