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The certain reaction known to occur in females of the teenage sort when encountering something of great excitement to them. Often including increased breathing rate, high pitched squeals and excessive use capital letters (if in print form).

WARNING: A potentially relationship threatening term if ever used in the presence of the male
Tween/Teen: "hey gals.. OMGAZM its that hot hunky dunky from Twilight I totals lurve him LOLS! <3"

Tween/Teen 2: "Well what about ME you should have seen me the other day, I had a total OMGAZM when I googled ZACH EFRON! *insert multiple squeals*

Both Tween/Teens: "OMGAZM SHOES!!!!"

Onlooker dude 1: "Pfft hey dude look at all those tweens omgazming over there."
Onlooker dude 2: "Uh..what?"
by JessTheMess June 23, 2009
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