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A Irish name that is not to fucked with , a family or a person that is not to be messed with . A bunch of hard cunts .
Randomer : hey are you a omelia

Omelia : yeh

Randomer: yeh I thought so, better not fuck with you .
Omelia : yeh rub along you soft cunt
by Linda McMillan April 21, 2018
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Omelia is a girl who’s friendly...Very charming.Very dramatic n quick to out burst.She is a good #friend.Someone who will always be there by ur side...Loves the attention n spoiling.She is also a very tolerant person...And normal gets mad when people turn against her.She is also really pessimistic n lack confidence...This is why she needs someone always by her side to boost her up....
I need an Omelia!
by Nymoni May 12, 2018
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