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when someone's hair is two different colors so that the top is one color and the bottom is another.
a boy with a blonde top hair and dark bottom hair is an omelette head. or a girl who dies her hair blonde and lets the rots grow out dark so that all the hair on her head down to her ears is dark and all the hair below the ears is blonde....
by gibbergoo September 20, 2009
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A smart, intelligent person whose drug use has deteriorated their mind to below average intelligence but still obtains above average intelligence in all drug related matters
Beth the crackhead just made a super crackpipe out of a soda can and straw, what an omelettehead
by crackieMcgee November 02, 2009
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nerd, geek or egghead who is so fucked up, that their "scrambled" brain only makes sense when on drugs
My best friend, Beth, can't do simple arithmetics, but when she gets high, that omelettehead can solve 2nd order differential equations.
by eggsgettinhigh November 03, 2009
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