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Used in Air Force initiation rituals and some fraternities. The soldier/pledge is blindfolded, bare-assed, and squatted over a block of ice. A whistle is blown and he must find an olive (or sometimes a cherry) on the block of ice using only his ass and the screaming (and conflicting) directions of the hazers. Once he finds the olive, he must secure it by clasping it with his ass cheeks. Then he must carry it across the room while being tripped and yelled at (and he's still blindfolded). Then he must drop the olive into a dixie cup. If he misses the cup, he has to start over again. The person/pledge who takes the longest has to eat all the olives in the cup.
Jim developed frost bite on his ass after being hazed in an olive race.
by Gemini1220 November 28, 2007
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