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adj. In the sense that "old school" harkens back to the days of our youth when better rappers were spitting flyer rhymes, "old pre-school" refers to the influences that we or previous generations appreciated in the earlier points in our youth during or before pre-school, or kindergarten, or nursery, or whatever your cultural equivilent is.
As kids' tv shows go, The Herb Garden feat. Parsley The Lion is pretty old pre-school. He dates back to a time before homosexuals were even gay. All the best children were reared on shows like Parsley and The Magic Roundabout and Watch With Mother; None of this Mona The Vampire shit. What the hell is with that show anyway, it's just annoying retard kids inconveniencing everyone with their stupid paranoid delusions.
by Bernard McGraw December 04, 2010
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