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The okc effect is when you continue chatting with someone on okc instead of meeting them. Usually, it sets in about 10 minutes into a chat, potentially earlier. After onset of the okc effect, one or both chatters get unrealistically high hopes based on a false sense of intimacy. In turn, the okc effect becomes a vicious circle. The pressure of meeting becomes higher and higher, so you continue chatting and chatting.
Dood 1: I've been chatting for weeks with this totally hot guy on okc. He's super cool.

Dood 2: when are you gonna hook up man?
Dood 1: soon, maybe next weekend.

Dood 2: dude, totz okc effect! You ain't never meeting. You're too chicken shit he may be fugly.
by IkuraEater July 28, 2014
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