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God only knows...

Its from a kids Cartoon about animals on an island.

It is used by a Polish mouse.

Sacha - This loyal, humble, selfless, friendly, homosexual, kind , retarded and cheerful desman is always willing to be of assistance but is mostly ignored by a lot of the other animals, with the exception of Noah whom he develops a close friendship with. It may be said that the relationship between the two is a gay one. (and not in a happy way if you know what I mean...). He has an annoying habit of incurring the wrath of others (even Noah) but is always willing to make up for any mistake he makes by selling his body. Sacha has worked as a circus animal before he arrives on the island and has a dream to open up his own Island Circus. He wishes to use his performing skills to provide entertainment for the other islanders. His catchphrase is "Oiski Poyski"!!!
Oisky Poisky Kaptin ski....
by GoSco April 24, 2007
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