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The soul consuming depression that crushes you from within when the hangover, that you thought you had avoided, ignites an emotional cess pit between in your brain.
Usually on a Sunday evening after you've satisfied your urges for cheese and sex, and when you realize you have to go to work tomorrow and spend the day staring at a screen and dealing with absolute cunts.
Appropriately used to describe any booze induced depression, but most correctly used after a night on the gin. The high level of oil will render your dehydrated tears powerful enough to lubricate an engine.
Often used to sustain those who are currently on a real peak, while you wallow alone in the darkness of your mind.
Charlie: "Please, help.... me...."
Barry: "Oily gin tears?"
Charlie: "Just kill me now..."

Ali: "He's been smuckdown with the oily gin tears."
Barry: "I don't give a fuck, his oily gin tears sustain me."

"As oily gin tears tumbled down his harrowed face, the black ink in his brain began to boil."
by heffer2k02 January 25, 2008
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