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Oilwhore is a non-gendered term, meaning one who sold themself to the fossil fuels industry for personal gain. Much like a whore sells sex, oilwhores sell their integrity and credibility. The term oilwhore is inclusive, meaning it encompasses all involved, thus your family, friends, or your spouse may be an oilwhore. Chances are good that if you are an oilwhore your entire family is too. Scientists have determined oilwhoring is learned behaviour, not something contagious. Anyone who selfishly promotes fossil fuels for direct or indirect gain, even if they themselves aren’t working for the fossil fuels sector, is susceptible to being an oilwhore. Employees in the industry or fields enabling fossil fuel consumption are also included within the oilwhore domain. That could be politics, pipeline construction, mining, refining, transport, petrochemicals, the oil lobby, public relations, media, marketing, retail, or other area. So long as it involves promoting fossil fuel for gain it is indeed oilwhoring. Once someone becomes an oilwhore, they forfeit their claim to having any credibility, integrity, ethical standards, honour, morals, a conscience, real friends, and lack the ability to love another human being as much as they love money. Oilwhores have no genetic relation to humanity. We thought they were decendants of a distant ancestor in the genus Homo sapiens, but no, behaviour analysis has shown oilwhores belong to the genus Pan troglodytes (see: Pan troglodytes in Wikipedia).
Never trust an oilwhore. Don't you remember what the Harper government did to Canada?
by Holly Gunn Reid April 02, 2016
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A political leader or public official who is clearly in the pocket of Big Oil.
"Wow, Justin Trudeau is a real Oil Whore."
Or, "OMG, Notley is one bat shit crazy Oil Whore."
by Tommy Honest June 11, 2018
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