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"Oopsi, I am wrong"

Meaning the opposite of iirc.
And yes it's another damned internet chat slang word!
In detail it is used to state your intention of wishing to take back what you texted and replace it with different text. Like oops but leave the reader knowing that you are disappointed and shocked at yourself as the rest of the chatroom is. Using this acronym, will either impress people who are smarties like you. (smart but too dumb to understand regular expressions). Using OIAW will force many chat room participants to prove their dumbness by googling the meaning. Similar to what happened the first time that you looked up AFAIK and discovered the person was not "away from their keyboard". This is more intellectual than "OOOOOOOOOOOOOPPS" <- SEE NOW? DOESNT THAT LOOKS STUPID?!

Unlike oops, you may not increase the number of "O"s.. however you may omit the "O". You may increase the usage of the letter "A" to increase the amount of humility intended:

IAW=I am wrong
OIAAW=Oopsi, I am always wrong
OIAAAW=Oopsi, I am *almost* always wrong
OIAAAAW=Oopsi, I am *almost* always almost wrong
OIAAAAAW=Oopsi, I am *almost* always almost unapologetically wrong.
and so on.. This comes about because it sort of rhymes with: aaaaaw f**k

Careful though! There are some a**holes out there that secretly meant: "Oh, I'm always write"

iirc it fixed it!
oiaw! it actually does not fix bug, now it happens sometimes..
oiaaw it actually did fix the problem
oiaaaw I still have then problem
by logicmoo April 09, 2015
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