When a girl has a great body but a gigantic ass. Girls who sit at an office desk all day tend to have all the fat on their body gravitate toward the ass-ular region, hence-office ass.
That girl sitting in cubicle 7 was so fine until she stood up and revealed a case of office ass so severe, it looked like two baby elephants were being born in her jeans.
by Duke June 14, 2003
A piece of ass that you would only consider hitting because it is at work and there isn't much else to compare it to. Outside of work, you probably wouldn't look at twice, unless you've had several beers.
I saw Kristen from accounting out the other night, and she doesn't look that good in a bar full of other hot chicks. I think she's just office ass.
by Danny__G. September 20, 2007
a female that looks good at work mainly because all of the other females are ugly as hell.
She is "office ass", a ten here at work, but out in public she would just be a 6.
by UUdog September 20, 2007
A game played by the current President and other members of his/her party while inside the Oval Office. This game usually features the President and several of the nation's powerbrokers running around the Oval Office - naked, mind you - grabbing at each other's rear ends.
President Obama, tired after an exhausting night of Oval Office Grab-ass with Harry Reid and Joe Biden, lit a joint, ignoring the distinct fragrance of petroleum jelly that filled the room as a result of the evening's little "game".
by jj1221 October 22, 2009