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A ghetto ass school which consists of a small fraction of nerdy Asians who always like to be picked on by the "macho" bitchy immigrant kids that attend the same school, who are jealous of the fact that they are less likely to flip burgers at McDonald's than them. As a result of their attitude, instead of actually studying to improve their chances, their jealousy invests in bullying other students, and then blaming their teachers for positive racial bias towards Asians instead. The main reason the gifted program resides in Odle Middle School is because due to the school's low performance, the district adds the gifted program to improve the school's average performance. This, according to the above reasons, unfortunately backfires. The vice principal is Genisha Wea, who is a bitchy 40-year-old asshole who is jealous of the Asian kids who attend the school because her child did not get into college. To make up for that and because of her penis envy, she takes her anger out by singling out and ruining the reputation of any asian kid who wants to have fun.
"Why do you live in such an impoverished area if you have a relatively good life and academics?"
"I'm in the gifted program at the Odle Middle School."
by Jake Tripp July 22, 2018
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