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As used by Cinnamon smith in the children's t.v show altitude. Octopus rabies was an idea invented by Cinnamons character Tally to get a little more attention - feeling that being the youngest kid lost, she was often forgotten. 'Octopus rabies was first used in episode 7 Tilly pretended to be infected after touching a dead octopus. Only to find out that you could actually get sick from touching a dead octopus. Because of the shear popularity of this line producers attempted to use it in nearly every episode following, including finishing a very deep and emotionally powerful monologue to her sister - telling her how she wished they had never run away from home, but at least her sister was there with her - that 'at least we don't have the octopus rabies'.
Cinnamon: (no one is looking at her or listening to her ideas on how to set up the camp for the storm) I don't feel to well

Mazzy: What?

Cinnamon: I haven't felt well after i touched that octopus, i think, i think i have 'octopus rabies.
by shoorysmile January 20, 2011
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