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Definitely the most amazing boy group to ever exist. The four members are Rick, Ryan, Robert (Bobby), and Raymond. They invented a music genre known as Hip-Hop Hype which is totally sick! Their outfits are always on fleek since they rep Vlado Footwear, Rolf Bleu, Electric Styles, and Chachi Momma. They are all hot and have the most beautiful eyes in existence. They are probably the only group who truly cares about their fans, and have even taken fans out to a restaurant before. They are the most genuine people you'll ever meet, which is why once you become an Ochoanizer, you stay in the Ochoanization Foreva!!!
Person #1: Those boyz over there are so nice, hot, and they have swag👌
Person #2: Well duh! They're the Ochoa Boyz
Person #1: I want to date an Ochoa Boy😻
by Ochoanizerforeva January 04, 2015
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