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Obviousm is a disease. Its main and only symptom is the stating of the obvious, which is already known to everyone.
*Car explodes*
Red Dude: "Hey, that car exploded"
Blue Dude: "You suffer obviousm. Let me cure you be a strong kick to the head."
by dft August 05, 2006
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A statement that sounds obvious but really isn't, leading a person who hears it to think that they knew it all along and therefore deem it unimportant. Obviousms sound obvious but carry a deeper or more complex meaning that often is overlooked.
Consider the statement, "you don't have to act on your feelings." This seems obvious to most people and in spite of "knowing" it to be true, very few people actually understand this. Most people find it very challenging - sometimes impossible - to separate their actions from their feelings.
Hold on, homie. That an obviousm. Don't act like you knew that all along.
by AfroSwirl March 05, 2019
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