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Obsessive attention towards someone you're infatuated with in a controlled environment where both parties regularly see one another at a certain time. These feelings are usually one sided, and usually only felt by the person doing the shadowing.
Ex. Boy: Dude, there's that stalker chick coming our way again.

Boy 2: Stalker? I believe she's obsessively shadowing. She only does this while here at school and in between two out of 9 total class periods. Otherwise, she tries hard to NOT graduate up to stalker.

*girl walks past them, glancing at boy 2 with a smile. He smiles back, and boy 1 looks shocked.*

Boy 2: See what I mean, she's harmless.

Boy: I'd still pull her aside to talk about this, just to be sure.

Boy 2: Yeah, I guess. But all 7 periods, she doesn't even come anywhere near me at all. Outside of school, she's doing her own thing. If she were stalking, she would be doing it 24/7/365 and she would be doing it after school as well as during school.
by SicilianVillainess June 19, 2014
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