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An observationalist is a person who makes a statement based on real-world assessments (observational comment) about specific people, places, and events happening around them. Observations are unlike racist or stereotype comments that are generalized statements about a group of people.

Antonyms: racism, stereotypes.

Remember kids, it's cool to be an observationalist. However, tossing around stereotypes or racist comments is never cool. Know the difference!
Stereotype: "All Asians are good at math."

An Observationalist says: "Those Asian kids (over there) are human Ti89s. Each one of them scored in the 98% percentile or higher of the math section of the SATs."

Stereotype: "All priests rape little boys."

An Observationalist says: "That priest is a pedophile. I saw him ask an eight year old boy if he could pillage his cornhole with the holy disco stick."
by JewClaw April 26, 2011
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