Obroni is the Ashanti (or more specifically, the Twi language) word for a white person, but sometimes used to refer to foreigners in general. The word is often used by Ghanaians in the diaspora, when speaking amongst themselves, as a "code" word for "white man".

Despite the (relatively) widespread and casual use of the word, its origins are not entirely benign. The word "obroni" derives from the word "Abro fuo", which means trickster, "one who frustrates" or "one who cannot be trusted".

It is possible that the word arose during initial contact between the Ashanti and Europeans. Coincidentally, the word for "white person" used by the Ga (another tribe in Ghana), is Blofonyo (or Blofo) for short. This word in the Ga language, similarly derives from "Ablo fo nyo", which again means "one who frustrates", or a trickster in the Ga language.
Look at that Obroni over there, he looks a bit out of his depth here ... shall we give him a hand or just ignore him ?
by asemkonkron April 13, 2013
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A term used in Ghana for travellers or foreigners. Most commonly used to describe white people.
Obroni, where are you going?


Obroni, how are you?
by akwasical June 29, 2011
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An African (especially West Africa/Ghana) word which is used to represent a person of white color.
The obroni is speaking our local language.
by McEagle February 25, 2019
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