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adj. okay

Used in Boondock Saints by Connor and when referring to Mushmouth from Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (It was really Dumb Donald who wore the hat with holes over his face, though. It might or might not have been a deliberate mistake made by the filmmakers.)

I'm not sure if anyone really knows the right spelling for it anymore... Ah, well.
Murphy: Hey, look.
Rocco: *his mask is badly put on* What?
Connor: You look like Mush-mouth from Fat Albert. *laughing*
Rocco: What? You guys got masks. *takes mask off*
Rocco: Fuck it. When this is over the bitch can ID me.
Connor: No, no, put it on. You look good, you look fuckin' scary.
Connor: *laughing* Now Roc, are you sure you're going to be obie-kay-bee?
-Boondock Saints (taken from IMDB.Com)

Obie kaybie?
by id0ntkn0wwh0iam February 17, 2006
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