Or Near Offer
I will sell this for 25 Quid ONO
(I will sell this for 25 Quid Or near Offer)
by Aditee January 21, 2004
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Or nearest offer.

When you are selling an item and want to say you are flexible on the price.
Jay: I'm selling this for 25 euros ono.
Bob: I'll give you 5.
Jay: Done.
by typingduck September 06, 2010
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An expression often used before something horrible or painfull is about to happen.
Plural of Oh no! stupified and ended up being O nos!
"He's coming from behind and he forgot to lube!"
"O nos!"
by Poboom December 13, 2003
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Utilizing words that combine the syllables 'O' and 'No' to refer to a suspect of breaking up something special, bringing to the table similarities to Yoko Ono and The Beatles. Popularized by the HBO series "Flight of the Conchords" (New Zealand's 4th most popular folk parody duo).
Veronica Corningstone:
"Ron, it's the pancake breakfast. We do it every month."
"O No. Ron's ditching us again." You ought O No he would pull this.
Bret's girlfriend Coco, "Flight of the Conchords
by William Forrester III February 10, 2009
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Derived from: "Oh noes" which means: "Oh no."
Originated: MMORPG known as Maisemore developed by the Crazed Monkeys Team. (www.aspereta.com)
Literal Meaning: "Oh no!"
Originally said by: Unknown
1. Onoes I got Pwnt by a green slime!
2. Onoes you got Pwnt by a newbie!
3. Onoes! Run away, Aunty Punchy is coming!
by Dukes March 11, 2005
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The big giant alein in natural selection it can pwn marines by eating them its pretty much unstopable if you dont have any weapon upgrades.
marine: ohhh nooos its an onos!
*onos eats marine*
marine: onos is digesting me thats so fucking gay takes forever to fucking spawn
marine 2: haha
*marine is finished digesting onos eats marine 2*
marine: haha
by stewfoo January 12, 2005
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