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1. Any of several plants of the genus Solanum, such as the bittersweet nightshade, most of which have a poisonous juice.
2. Any of various similar or related plants, such as belladonna.
1. OMG!! That fat crazy girl ate nightshade trying to be a witch and died.
2. (As used as a screen name by morbidly obese girls everywhere.)
example text:

Chatperson1: has joined the channel
Nyteshade: "I gotta go, bye chatperson2!"
Chatperson2: "bye"
Nyteshade: has left the channel.
Chatperson1: "dude did you meet that girl nyteshade yet?"
Chatperson2: "yah dude i did."
Chatperson1: "well how was it?"
Chatperson2: "nyteshade is a disgusting succubus that uses her "lover" to tow a flap wagon around behind her. She readily claims that if a man "loves her enough" she can turn into Pocahontas. Apparently, out of touch with reality, these crazy females think they can work real life "magic" and control the environment around them.
One truly can not think of a more suiting a name for a morbidly obese, delusional, female buried in layers and layers of fat and flab built by years of being slothful.
It was gross dude and I was ashamed of myself."

Chatperson1: "wow dude, just wow. im sorry. whod have thought shed be a fat nasty goth. Want me to shoot you in the face?"

by lolfatgirlz July 05, 2008
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