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succubus creatures that feed off of the chi energy of blood during the climactic portion of sexual intercourse. According to the novella, "Fireflies" by Lacey Reah, these creatures are like vampires. They suck your blood but they feed off the energy of the blood and not the blood itself. The human being needs to be in the midst of an orgasm while the blood is being sucked or it is no good to them. The nymphomites are often compared to fireflies due to their ability to lure in fireflies of a different species for mating, only to eat them. The nymphomites tend to be lesbians since women have more frequent and longer orgasms than men.
Once you are seduced by a nymphomite, there is no going back. You love it so much, you don't even know they are killing you.
by Cynthia Ipukinkai February 13, 2011
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