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Likes to expose people. Has really bad taste in girls (such as maniya). His jaw line is fucked up. And he’s got a small dick (6 inches).
Nyeem: Hey, boo send me some nudes.

Girl: Sure thing baby! (She sends the nudes he asked for).

Nyeem: Boo your so hot! I’m gonna save these to my camera roll.

Girl: okay...

(Later... the expose happens on his social media).

Nyeem: You a bitch!

Girl: mhmmm. Keep saying you that cause, yo dick small! Fucking 6 inches! You finna get exposed too. Btw yo jaw line fat as hell.

Nyeem: Okay. Keep saying it that cause, you was all over this!
by Youdontwantthesmoke May 22, 2018
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best person you will ever meet,fucking dumb asf,hes great in bed his dick is 11inches, he has thet best shoes in the 11 grade
(girl: i like those shoes nyeem )

(nyeem: thanks you )

(girl: can i come over)

(nyeem: hell yea )

(she goes to his house and they get freaky)
by tytytytytymimmu January 10, 2019
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