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a prostitute or whore that swallows a man's load. Made popular by a South Park episode involving the crippled Jimmy and his quest to find a prostitute to relieve his erection. Thanks Trey & Matt!!
That ho is a nut gobbler. She can't get enough of my jizz.
by Alain May 05, 2005
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A.) One who places a person's testicles in his or her mouth for the soul purpose of inflicting physical and emotional pain.

B.) A South Park character.

C.) A whore who sucks big balls.

D.) Any person who has ever been called one of the following: Louis, Ben, or Joey.
Man, you're such a nutgobbler. You practically bit them off!
by Nutgobbler III May 13, 2006
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michael jackoson is the nut gobbler. word for word- he gobbles nuts
m.j: little boy will u sleep with me
boy- no way no how
m.j: oo darn
boy- shut up, the nut gobbler
by kevin stark May 03, 2005
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