A gay man or anyone who likes to have sex with men. Doesn't have to be derogatory, but a term to affectionately denote anyone who likes men.
He's a nuthugger.
by Mike Moorehead July 18, 2003
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Someone who always diverts from the subject being discussed and changes the subject with someone who is much more educated on the topics being discussed
I sure wish the uninformed, uneducated snowflakes wouldn't be such nuthugger(s) and stay on the topics being discussed instead of endlessly diverting from what's being discussed.
by U Tab August 01, 2017
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Pants that are so tight that they squeeze one's balls up into their chest. So tight and uncomfotable it looks like they have a camel toe.
Sally: "How in the hell are you wearing those nuthuggers? "
Jane: " Told you he had no dick..."
via giphy
by xxxsloarxxx November 07, 2017
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