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The highly prized and highly evolved superstrain of Cannabis sativa, indica. Treasured throughout the world, previously in exotic places like Indonesia, Kush, Australia, Africa, to name a few. It's unique uplifting high carves a valued niche market frequently matching the price of gold by weight. This particular strain is revered as having the most potent portions and preferred proportions of the main psychoactive chemical compound known as Delta 9 Tetrahyrdacannibol contained in the coveted indica.
Grand Daddy Purple, Royal Purple, Purple Cream,Purple Haze, Nurp, PurpNurp, Nurple,PurpleNurple,, Kush, NL(#1,3,5)...and also...
"I got that purple nurple."
"Get that nurpage fired up!"
by Phat Ritch September 29, 2006
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